UV defender


Exterior Topcoats

Exterior Topcoats are particularly transparent, flexible and breathable.

They are used to strengthen your exterior wood and improve its longevity overtime. Rio Verde exterior topcoats are water-based coatings that follow the movements of wood and block the film break.

Rio Verde clear topcoats for outdoors

  • protects the wood from UV rays by means of synthetic absorbers that can reject the 90-95% of the affecting radiation. From this point of view, Rio Verde topcoat is a real suncream for wooden doors and windows
  • stops the penetration of water in any form: liquid, gas or frozen (rain, condensation, fog, frost, ice and snow)
  • permeable to steam so the wood can breathe
  • are extremely flexible: cover the wood, follow its movements and react to mechanical shocks (e.g. hail), limiting the cases of breaking the coating film. Also adhere to the substrate (whether it is made of softwood or hardwood) in any weather condition – even during long rainy periods
  • maximum transparency thanks to the absence of microfoam
  • beautiful soft touch thanks to the micronised waxes used in the formulation