What problems
does wood face?

Wood is a natural substrate. Once its fibres are exposed, these can be attacked by degrading atmospheric agents, such as fungi, UV rays, temperature and humidity. Rio Verde cares for and protects wood from these common problems. What is the main problem?


These microorganisms creep in between the coating and the outer surface of the wood. They damage the structure, causing the separation of the coating film. Without an appropriate protection, the attacked wood becomes grey.

UV rays

Solar irradiation attacks the molecule of the timber causing it to degrade and the coating to peel off.


Excessive high temperatures negatively influence the elastic features of the coating. The film stiffens and cannot support the small movements of the wood. The separation of the coating is the consequence of high temperatures.


If the wood is not perfectly covered by the coating, the water will penetrate inside the wood, damaging structure and supporting the formation of cracks. Once inside the wood and exposed to high temperatures, the water will evaporate. The wood swells from the inside and will lead to separation.

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