The art
of decorating &
protecting wood

Woodworking is an art. Despite the enormous availability of other materials, wood continues to lead the way in construction & furnishing. Choosing wood is choosing beauty – nature’s very own magnificent building material. Charming, durable, irresistible: wooden furniture brings warmth, comfort & elegance to your decor. We only believe in the highest standard of finishes. Our luxury wood coatings are accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Rio Verde,
Leaders in Technology

Elastic, water-repellent, breathable. Our exterior paints offer the highest standard of durability & protection. Velvety, trendy, resistant: our paints offer luxury, style & amazing effects.

Inside our beautiful Rio Verde tins, there is a wonderful mix of technology, decoration & protection. We take care of your furniture, windows, doors, garden furniture, fences and floorings.


We produce Rio Verde Coatings in the heart of Minerbio (Bologna) using our Renner Italia state of the art laboratories. Due to our experience with customers in the furniture & window industry, we are constantly up to date with the latest requirements. Every year we invest 3% of our turnover into research and development through our laboratories. We specialise in high quality, simple, innovative water-based paint technology and have developed the Rio Verde range as a result.