Fluid painting: the technique of acrylic pouring and pull paint

Fluid painting, or liquid art, is depopulating in the world of online tutorials. It is a very simple decorative technique that exploits the paint in its liquid state to decorate surfaces. Not for nothing is it also called liquid paint, fluid paint, fluid art(fluid art). The most commonly used type of product in this decorative art is acrylic. For this reason, the application technique is also known as the “acrylic technique”; fluid acrylicor technique of theacrylic pouring. Thanks to the technique fluid painting you can create so many effects depending on how many colours you use, depending on the shapes you draw and depending on how you move the support to make the paint slide. In short, let your creativity run wild!

Fluid painting: decorate with a thread

The history and origins of this decorative art are not well known. What is known is that it contains within it two subcategories: acrylic pouring, already mentioned before, and pull paint. Both take advantage of the liquidity of the paint being poured (pour in English means “to pour”) to create the most diverse fantasies. The first uses movable supports (e.g. a wooden panel), which are then tilted after the paint has been applied for highly original creations. The colour is spread all over the support, creating blends between the various shades. The terms liquid paint and fluid art (fluid art) perfectly describes this movement of the paint sliding across the surface, creating stunning visual effects. The second also exploits a thread to be brought towards itself (pull in English means “to pull”), which can be a thread of wool, cotton or a chain, to create images such as flowers or the sea. Decorating with a thread has never been so fun and creative;

Fluid painting

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Fluid painting with Rio Verde paints

Rio Verde wood paints make it possible to create an infinity of special effects, from the most retro, such as shabby chic, to the ultra modern, such as those obtained with the fluid paint.

We discover how to achieve special acrylic pouring and pull paint effects with Rio Verde paints;

Acrylic pouring

What is needed to create artwork with the acrylic pouring and pull paint technique? Here are the tools you need:

  • Water – to dilute products
  • Bottle – for pouring paint
  • Glass
  • Universal enamel RLxx40 – Rio Verde enamel is a pigmented water-based wood paint that covers the grain of wood. Rio Verde enamels, in line with the current trend, are matt. The enamels in the Rlxx40 range are pigmented matt finishes with high coverage, resistant to UV and other atmospheric agents. They are formulated products with high brushability, flow and coverage, available in 10 trend colours, applicable on wood and iron;
  • Golden Prestige – Golden Prestige paints are metallic finishes for contemporary luxury. They require no sanding, paint stripping or priming, and are water-based, odourless and low VOC-emitting. They are available in five contemporary metal shades;
  • Phon
  • Brush
  • Silicone oil

Pull paint

The process acrylic pouring is quick and easy and only requires the use of our RLxx40 Universal Enamel;

  • Step 1 – Mix the product
  • Step 2 -Dilute the product 30% with tap water
  • Step 3 -Mix the product with silicone oil
  • Step 4 -Apply Universal Enamel RLxx40 to the surface
  • Step 5 -Apply the mixed product in patterns of your choice
  • Step 6 -Rotate/tilt the surface to distribute the colour
  • Step 7 -Spray the paint with cold air and wait 48 hours for final drying
Acrylic pouring

For creations with the technique pull paint we also use our Golden Prestige metallic paints, as well as RLxx40 Universal Enamel, and a chain to create abstract shapes that will make you dream.


  • Step 1 -Apply Universal Enamel RLxx40 to the surface
  • Step 2 -Insert the chain
  • Step 3 -Lightly drain off excess paint
  • Step 4 – Place the catheter on the surface
  • Step 5 -Twist the chain into abstract shapes
  • Step 6 -Wait 48 hours for final drying


The technique fluid painting is also a great pastime for children, creative, fun and colourful!

With Rio Verde paints you can unleash your fantasies with liquid art, which we have also learned is called liquid paint, fluid paint, fluid art. The technique fluid painting allows you to create original works of art that cannot be reproduced in the same way. Each creation becomes unique;



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