Un bambino con la maglia a righe e un rullo per dipingere intinto di vernice blu, e alle sua spalle una parete parzialmente verniciata

100 new ideas for painting children’s rooms

Being the last place you see, before falling asleep, and the first place you find yourself in as soon as you wake up, the bedrooms are probably the rooms in which the colour used has the greatest influence on the way and mood in which they are experienced. This is also true for those of children. Whether they are infants or children now entering adolescence, colour choices are very important. Especially when it comes to walls. So here are 100 new ideas for painting children’s rooms, which review different shades. We will show not only the most popular colours – the classic blue/blue for boys and pink for girls (we think it is high time to abandon this rather predictable pair) – but also unexpected shades and decorated walls. The important thing is to bear in mind that it is not only the colour of the walls that creates the atmosphere or the style of a room, but the way in which the elements – thus also the furniture, the floor, the accessories – dialogue with each other. This is why it can be useful to review the “60-30-10 rule.

As an inspiration, we also recommend the pastel palette from our material paint line Vintage Prestige. They are water-based and free of substances that are problematic for the health of the user and the environment. Moreover, they can be used on many materials: wood, metal, glass, fabric, plastic and even walls. In the case of walls, however, since they are not breathable, they must be used only on small areas, so as to maintain the healthiness of the room. However, they can be used safely on furniture and accessories, so that the bedroom elements match the wall colours perfectly;

The bedroom sets in shades of blue

Spacious children's or teenager's room with very high ceiling, essential single bed, desk with computer, large white chest of drawers, bookcase with square shelves, white floor with carpet, one wall white and the other blue, with pictures and decorative stars on it;

While being the obvious choice for children’s bedrooms, blue – and its many shades – it is a timeless colour that suits anyone, male or female, of any age.
Hue calm and tranquil par excellence, it can actually take on different ‘personalities’ – lively, elegant, sober – depending on the shade and, above all, on how it matches with floors and furniture. If blue and white is the most classic combination, an interesting alternative is to combine it with the natural wood, especially if one chooses to furnish in Scandinavian style, thus using a lot of wood and essential lines. Some wall decorations (stencil or vinyl stickers) to give a jaunty or dreamy touch to the room.

Detail of a children's bedroom with white metal bed, blue wall, tripod bedside table with lamp above and dog-shaped calendar. On the wall are drawn constellations in black

Large single room with two large windows. The furniture is Scandinavian in style. The bed has a basic metal frame. The walls are white and the curtains are blue;

Children's bedroom with blue walls decorated with coloured elements, bed with curtain structure, white chest of drawers, parquet floor, blackboard and scattered toys

Large bedroom with blue walls. On the bed, with a cottage-like structure, is a blond girl reading. Three spherical chandeliers made of white rice paper and a rope swing descend from the ceiling. On the wall are little white stars. There is a window with blue and white striped curtains. On the floor are transparent balloons with printed golden stars, and a light-coloured carpet. Next to the bed is a coat rack in the shape of a tepee. Under the window is a small wooden shelf with cushions;

Infant's bedroom with a classic white cot, white wardrobe and white and blue hanging clothes. The floor is parquet and the wall is painted soft blue at the bottom and very soft blue and white horizontal stripes at the top;

Sofa bed and modern vintage-style wooden furniture in a very colourful and playful children's room. Above the sofa is a kind of circus tent and the wall is blue-blue

Child's bedroom with a large corner window overlooking a tree-lined landscape. The walls are blue, the floor is parquet. The bed is blue, and in front of the window is a desk with a blue chair. On the desk are a lamp, some succulent plants and pencil cases. In the corner is a pouffe in the shape of a football and on the floor is a wooden toy car track;

Children's bedroom with blue walls, white bed, large bright window, light-coloured parquet floor, white bedside table and chest of drawers, small chair with backrest in the shape of a deer antler and small hairy table with antlers in the shape of a baby goat;

Children’s rooms in shades of pink

Children's bedroom with a pink wall decorated with pictures, a moon and a fabric cloud, a four-poster bed with a wooden frame in the shape of a house, decorated with pink and white pompoms, lots of pink cushions, a grey rocking chair with cushions;

As with blue/blue, here too we are dealing with a classic for girls’ bedrooms. Pink, however, has many shades, and in pastel shades tending more towards neutral, it can also be used well in boys’ bedrooms. Often used with purely pink furnishings (but better not to exaggerate, to avoid the bombonniere effect), like blue it goes well with white but also with natural wood. The latter choice is certainly the most modern, as it helps to dilute the cloying pink a little;

A pink bedroom with a bed with a white wooden frame in the shape of a curtain, bed linen in shades of pink, a pink wall with a row of light bulbs descending from the ceiling, a grey abstract painting and wooden coffee tables, one of which has a tea service on top;

Children's room with two children's beds with a white metal frame. Between them is a chest of drawers in different colours (white, pink and grey). The wall is pink, decorated with pink and white polka dots and the bed linen is white;

A little girl's bedroom with a little bed with white bars, a wall painted pink, a white screen, a fruit box painted white as a small table, with a lamp on top. The floor is parquet and there is a white and a pink knitted pouffe on top. Hanging on the wall is a rope with pompoms tied to it and on the wall are fabric decorations (a star and a cloud), white frames and the three-dimensional word 'baby';

Pastel pink wall of a children's room, with small wooden toy kitchen and small table and chairs in shades of natural wood and white;

Spacious little girl's room in shades of white and pink, with a large central window, covered by a semi-transparent grey curtain, under which is a pink carpet. On the right side of the room are the bed (wooden, basic) with pink and white linen, a white bookcase with books and toys, a white wicker basket and a pink pouffe. On the left are a white screen, a desk and a chair;

Little girls' bedroom with bunk beds, desks, shelves and wardrobes all in shades of pink, like the linen and walls. The floor is parquet

Little girl's room in the colours of pink with bed-closet structure and ceiling spotlights

A bedroom with pink walls, a bed with a wall clock hanging on it and a double white wardrobe with a desk in the middle;

Attic room transformed into a small bedroom with pink walls, a vintage shaped bed, rose decorations on the wall, a large wardrobe to the right of the bed and a shelf with games and books to the left of the bed

Children’s rooms in shades of red

Cameretta per bambini sulle tonalità del rosso e del giallo, con pareti rosse, lettino bianco con sponde, scaffale a scala bianco, poltrona grigia a dondolo, vari accessori gialli, così con gialle sono alcune stampe alle pareti e un cuscino del lettino. Il pavimento è in parquet e c'è una lampada accesa sopra a uno scaffale che contiene dei giocattoli

With red, we are finally starting to move away from colours ‘stuck’ to one genre. As a colour, it does not enjoy great success in bedrooms, and this is due to the fact that it is considered ‘too energetic’, and therefore unsuitable for the place where one should rest. Here, however, we are talking about children’s bedrooms, which are almost always also a place of play, so… why not? The best match is with white or with a palette of warm colours (yellow, orange, purple). The advice is to not to intervene on all the walls and the ceiling but to focus only on one or two sides of the room, so as not to overburden the atmosphere.

Small bedroom with white walls, ceiling and floor, red back wall, white bed and red-and-white striped sofa;

Wooden baby cot in modern style in bedroom with parquet floor and red-painted wall

Boys' room with red walls and ceiling, ceiling spotlights, modernist sofa, carpet, white desk, floor lamp and wall shelves

Children's bedroom all in shades of orange and red, with orange walls, cushions and carpet, red chair and curtain, and wooden desk, bed, bedside table and bookcase;

Children’s rooms in shades of yellow

Child's bedroom with yellow walls, a wooden canopy bed in the shape of a small house, with yellow and white pompoms hanging from it, grey parquet flooring, wicker baskets, grey and yellow puppets, a grey rocking chair, with a small table next to it and a standing lamp;

Like red, yellow is also linked to energy and cheerfulness. Therefore, the same applies as before: risky for adult bedrooms but perfect for children’s bedrooms. Boys and girls alike like it, and it matches – especially in pastel shades – almost any colour. Yellow goes particularly well with greys, white and natural wood tones. Again, rather than paint all the walls, it is better to leave only one or two walls, choosing well those to be highlighted (e.g. the wall where the desk is, the one behind the bed or the one with the bookcases and shelves full of toys);

Children's bedroom with a bed with a wooden curtain frame, a light yellow wall, shelves with storage units like drawers, a red hammock hanging on the wall, wooden signs around the room, puppets and a carpet with triangular geometries;

Yellow wall of a children's room and, next to the door, a large irregularly shaped coloured shelf with toys and a large light-coloured carpet;

Children's room with light yellow wall, white wooden bed with curtain frame, white chest of drawers, carpet, grey parquet floor and various accessories and toys scattered around the room

Children's room with a small wooden table and a stool with a pink seat above a green carpet. On the yellow wall are a wooden shelf, a small work table and a puff with a puppet on it;

Child's bedroom with yellow wallpaper, parquet, carpet, white door, several toys on the floor and a white sofa with built-in drawers;

Baby's room with soft yellow walls, white cot, yellow chair, yellow shelf made from fruit crates and several hanging pictures;

Children’s rooms in shades of green

Children's bedroom with parqut, green wall, pure green bookshelf, white cot, wooden tables and chairs, a marker board and, above a geometrically patterned carpet, a structure made of wooden constructions

Green immediately evokes the nature and is an excellent choice for children’s and young adults’ bedrooms of all ages. It is a colour that communicates calmness (especially in pastel and slightly cooler shades). It goes well with the natural wood, to the white, to all earthy tones (from ochre to brown) but also other greens and even pink and black. Parquet flooring is ideal, especially in Nordic-style rooms;

Children's bedroom with parquet flooring and a green wall with white cloud decorations. The wardrobe is white, with a mirrored door, and the bed is also white, with a metal frame. There is a white floor lamp and, as well as toys on the floor, a small white table with two small chairs, also white;

Infant's bedroom with white cot and chest of drawers, white lamp, wicker table and green wall, with a shelf with angular geometric shapes and an abstract pastel-coloured print hanging on it;

A bedroom with soft green walls, a white bed and striped linen in light blue and brown. On the bed are many pillows. Next to the bed is a bookcase with plastic and fabric books and drawers, next to green boxes and a wooden desk with a white designer chair. Above the desk is a large wall clock and a string with light blue triangular flags, reaching up to a coat rack. A spherical blue rice paper chandelier descends from the ceiling;

Corner of a boy's bedroom, with a bed with teal bed linen, teal wall behind the headboard and a wall with white and green wallpaper in geometric patterns. Next to the bed is a wooden bedside table with a reading lamp and a geometrically patterned rug;

Children's bedroom in the colours of acid green, with a green wall, a ladder-shelf leaning against the wall, a yellow and brown shelf, a cot equipped with white, yellow and brown drawers and a wardrobe in the same colours. In the centre of the room is a green stool with coloured cubes on it;

Children's room desk, with a green wall with a clock on it, a cork board with various things attached and a print with a drawing of a deer's head. On the desk is a small drawing dummy, an open laptop computer, a floor plan, filled pencil cases, blocks and notebooks. Next to the desk is a deep green chest of drawers;

A teenage bedroom with a green wall, a fold-out sofa bed, white and wood-coloured bookshelves, many knick-knacks, a circular mirror hanging above a white chest of drawers and, in front of the green wall, a desk with a computer, a map of an island, conical chandeliers descending from the ceiling and a tall Scandinavian-style chest of drawers;

Little girl's bedroom with deep green walls, white floor, pink carpet, bed with metal frame and white sheet with black polka dots. Above the bed are white corner shelves with knick-knacks. At the end of the bed is a white plasterboard structure with black polka dots, with more knick-knacks and two prints on it. In front there is a small table and a chair, as well as a small amplifier. Almost all the decorative elements in the room are in white or pink;

Children's room with black metal furniture, green wall decorated with classical motifs, black cage chandelier and many fox-face decorations;

Children’s rooms in shades of purple

Bedroom with lilac wall with two prints (one depicting a panda and the other a zebra), a black and white geometric-patterned carpet, a white bed with a curtain frame and black and white geometric-patterned bed linen, a white chest of drawers and a screen also in white;

A alternative to pink, with fewer gender connotations. Always associated with spirituality and mystery, purple might seem a risky option for the nursery. In reality, it gives the room a certain personality, neither too serious nor too playful. The best match is with the white, with the black and with the grey.

Children's room with white wall and lilac wall. The bed is made of wood with a house-shaped frame, there are several white cabinets and decorations. The linen is on blue and light blue

Intense purple wall of a children's bedroom, with white cot, carousel with planets and stars, changing table with drawers, hexagonal shelves and parquet floor

Bedroom with combined bed-closet structure all in shades of white and purple. Purple are also the walls of the room while the floor is in white;

Romantic-style bedroom in shades of purple, with purple armchair, four-poster bed with semi-transparent curtains in white, purple linen, parquet floor, purple wooden wall clock, wall with white wallpaper with grey floral motifs in damask effect. The other walls are purple

Children’s rooms in shades of grey

A child's or boy's bedroom with a dark metal bed, a grey wall with nature-themed squares, a metal desk with a computer on it, a green metal chair, a geometric carpet, and several pine twigs scattered around the room

While at first glance it might seem like an unusual choice for the little ones’ bedroom, grey is actually a very modern and elegant. The “secret” here is to play with the accent colours, even very intense ones, which, thanks to the grey, stand out even more, but without generating chaos. We therefore recommend declining the room on greys, combining white and natural wood, and then choosing a stronger colour (green, yellow, red, pink, blue) for some elements to stand out. For example, chairs, cushions, prints, linen, chandeliers, toy baskets. Another advantage of grey: it can accompany the boy or girl through all the years of growth, into adolescence and beyond, without ever becoming tired;

Wooden cot bedroom with an unusual shape, under which you can see toy cubes with letters printed on them. The floor is a vintage white parquet. The wall is grey, with a coat rack decorated with the outline of a city on it. There are cushions on the floor and a basket with 'TOYS' written on it and toys inside;

Children's room with wooden cradle and grey canopy. The wall is also grey, with white, grey and black pompoms hanging from it. The floor is parquet. There are white cabinets and several scattered toys;

Cemera children's room in shades of grey and yellow, with grey wall, grey cot, grey chest of drawers, parquet floor, yellow designer armchair, white chandelier, on the walls prints with bees, and bees above the cot as toys;

The wall of a small bedroom, in light grey, with a door, a wooden towel rack, a wall hanger with a baby bodysuit in shades of yellow, a white and yellow rocking horse, a white lamp with a wooden stand and a fox face print on the wall;

Children's bedroom with a dark grey cot and white bed linen. The wall is grey, decorated with frames of the same colour. The floor is parquet. There is a large grey armchair, a white circular carpet, a small white table and a picture with two painted geese;

A little boy's bedroom with grey walls with a map of the world hanging on them. Next to the bed is a white carpet with regular black polka dots, a chair that serves as a bedside table, boxes with a yellow skateboard on it, a metal bookcase with books and objects, a yellow backpack, white trainers, a neon yellow off-road bike and hanging on the wall on a coat rack is a baseball cap;

Children's bedroom in loft mode, with a structure that puts together a wardrobe and two beds, one on top of the other. The walls are grey and white and the wardrobe-bed is grey, pastel blue and natural wood. A skateboard and toys can also be seen;

Room in shades of grey and yellow with a dark grey wall with frames in the same colour, prints on the walls, a wardrobe without doors with an interior upholstered with geometrically patterned paper, a grey cot with a yellow blanket, a grey Scandinavian-style chair with a yellow woven cushion;

Children's bedroom with bed with wooden frame in the shape of a small house. Coloured pompoms and triangular flags of different colours hang from the frame. The wall is grey. On the floor is a parquet floor with several scattered toys. Next to the bed is a small cubic wooden table with toys on it, a flower-shaped cushion leaning vertically against the wall, a wicker basket with wheels and toys inside, and a small wooden bookcase;

Children's bedroom in shades of dark grey and pink, with framed walls, a grey cot, chest of drawers and chair, and a lamp, cushions, small table, fake telephone and pink doll. The floor is parquet, there are prints on the walls, a colourful geometric carpet on the floor, a large plant next to the cot and, under the window, a low horizontal shelf with a toy bear on it;

Rooms with blackboard paint

A children's room with a wall divided in half: the left side, painted white, is decorated with stars and moons and there are a bed and a white chest of drawers; the right side of the wall is painted with chalkboard paint and there are drawings on the wall, in front of which stands a modern yellow chair and a coffee table made from two white-painted pallets;

What is one of the things children of all ages love to do most? Drawing. And if you can do it on a wall, even better! Widespread in recent years, chalkboard paint is capable of making anyone small again. The important thing is choose the wall to be painted well (the advice is to do this on only one, and possibly not the one with the largest area). In this way it will be customisable potentially infinitely. Just swipe and you can redo everything. And besides drawings, why not also use it for more useful things? Such as marking school timetables, or a to-do list. Pro: kids have a lot of fun with it. Contra: be prepared to sweep very often, because of the chalk dust.

Child standing on bed drawing with chalk on the wall painted with blackboard paint

Children's room with a chest of drawers, an Ikea bookcase, toys on the shelves, a small wooden table, parquet flooring on the floor and a wall painted with chalkboard paint with anthropomorphic pencil strokes drawn on it;

A baby girl's room with furnishings between vintage and modern, a rocking cradle, a blackboard wall with 'Sweet dreams' written on it and the sign of the various heights, a canvas with a heart drawn on it, parquet on the floor, and beyond the blackboard wall we glimpse a living room with a white wall, a white sofa and a black ceiling light with square geometries;

A small room with a wall painted with chalkboard paint on which coloured diamonds are drawn. There are wooden fruit boxes, some painted white, which serve as shelves, and next to them a blackboard for drawing. In front is a small sofa;

Children's room in an essential style. One wall is painted with chalkboard paint and there are drawings. In front of the wall is a small desk and chair with puppets beside it. Beyond the wall is the rest of the room, painted in pastel pink, with a wooden cot, small tables and cloud-shaped wall decorations;

An area of a children's room with a wall painted with chalk paint and drawn on. In front is a green armchair, a small green plastic table and a blackboard with three coloured balloons drawn on it in chalk;

The multicoloured bedroom sets

Bedroom with blue walls and white geometric area with black polka dots. Parquet floor, white wooden bed with curtain structure, white chest of drawers and white desk

If there is one room where visual chaos is not necessarily a defect, it is the children’s room. If you are uncertain about a colour, so why not point to many colours? You can do this by painting the walls of different hues and using multicoloured furnishings and accessories, but also by going to work on the moors with geometric paintings that give movement and dynamism.

The important thing is to try not to overcrowd the room with elements and – we know how difficult this is in a small room – to maintain a certain order.

Multicoloured children's bedroom. White walls and a blue wall with orange, grey, green and light blue shelves, multicoloured carpet, bed with coloured bed linen, wooden, white and orange desk and wardrobe in the same colours;

Room with a grey wall decorated with a painted yellow triangle. The carpet is multi-coloured with stripes, as are the other elements in the room, including a bed, a desk, a small shelf and a low hanging rail;

Children's room with pink and blue walls, furniture with fabric drawers in different colours and patterns, white chest of drawers, shelves with lots of coloured dolls on them, light blue play mat, white bed with purple blanket and indoor free climbing wall;

A room with a wall divided into two colours, pink on the left and green on the right, with the white door almost in the middle. On the green side is a white bookcase with toys and knick-knacks, on the pink side a white desk with a designer chair, a giant wooden ruler for measuring height, a yellow skateboard, a pink stool with a puppet rabbit on it and a wheeled cart with a plant on it. The floor is a light-coloured parquet;

A multicoloured bedroom with a wall painted in squares of different colours (purple, green and magenta), a bed with a blanket with psychedelic 1960s motifs, multicoloured pillows, two Chinese-style chandeliers in orange and pink rice paper and a wooden dresser with knick-knacks and jars. Next to the bed is a wooden bedside table with a lava lamp on top;

Children’s rooms in shades of white

I overlook a Scandinavian-style children's room in shades of white and natural wood. There is a single bed with light blue and green coloured pillows, a desk with books and knick-knacks on it, a print with a dragonfly drawn on it, a large black and white diamond carpet

The classic of classics. While white might seem like a boring option for a bedroom that lacks personality, it should actually be thought of as an ’empty canvas’, to be filled with elements. Suggesting of course a order and cleanliness, white allows for decorating: hence walls to be filled in and furniture with even very bizarre lines. As we have already said about grey, you can push on a bright colour and make it stand out by using it as an accent tone. White also goes exceptionally well with the natural wood, providing a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Scandinavian-style children's bedroom, with grey sofa, indoor free climbing wall, designer furniture including seats and shelves, herringbone parquet floor, black and white horizontally striped carpet, several puppets around the room and hanging on the wall

Corner of a children's room in Scandinavian style in shades of white and natural wood. The windows are made of wood set into a wood paneling with drawers. The floor is parquet and above it is a small white carpet with black dots and a toy car that serves as a tricycle. The other furniture is made of natural wood

View from the corner of a Scandinavian-style children's room in shades of white and natural wood. The bed is filled with pillows and a shelf can be glimpsed above. Hanging on the wall is a straw hat and a sunburst mirror. Next to it is a wardrobe and further on a mirror that reflects the rest of the room;

Children's room in total white, with a cot without a side rail, a stool, a small table with cushions, a ladder-shaped shelf leaning against the wall with drawings of animals from the savannah and prints hanging on the wall with other animals;

Spacious children's room in essential style, with parquet flooring, white walls, black metal bed with essential structure, black desk and black chair, two very bright windows, a small table with pastel blue drawers, a few knick-knacks, plants on the windowsill, a blackboard in the shape of a house hangs above the bed;

A corner of a children's room in shades of white, with a bright window, a chest of drawers with toys on it and a print saying 'Love', a shelf with more toys, a ladder-shelf leaning against the wall with many knick-knacks and puppets under the window. On the floor is a white floor and a carpet with white, grey and yellow geometric patterns;

A total white bedroom with a bunk structure that serves as a bookcase and bed, with two side ramps leading upstairs, the mattress beyond an arched opening, the towers with battlements. The floor is a light-coloured parquet, with a light-coloured carpet as well. The right and back walls are painted with designs, there are several ceiling lamps that look like fluffy clouds, and to the right is a wrought-iron sculpture in the shape of a tricycle containing flowers;

A minimalist children's bedroom in shades of white, with a white wall, white furniture, a black metal bed, black and white bed linen, as well as the geometrically patterned carpet, on parquet flooring. The accent colour is yellow, which we find on the large alarm clock above the bedside table, on one of the cushions, and on an ottoman. In front of the bed is a sign saying 'NIGHT NIGHT' and a heart. Next to the bed is a ladder that acts as a shelf, with lights on it;

Children’s rooms with mountain-themed wall decorations

Modern-style bedroom set with white walls decorated with a mountain theme in shades of grey and pink. The bed is white with an essential metal frame. Next to it is a basket made from a fruit box painted white, and a low cabinet with decorative items on it. On the wall are prints with geometric motifs. To the right is a wooden chair and coffee table. There is a pink carpet and a conical lamp hanging from the ceiling;

Using stencil or paint, it is possible to work on a wall (we advise against doing this on more than one) by decorating it with figures, geometries or landscapes. In recent years, favourite “sceneries” for children’s rooms include the montages, especially the stylised ones, which allow two or three colours to be combined. It is important to choose a harmonic palette (e.g. pastel colours, such as those in Vintage Prestige).

The other walls – to make the ‘mountainous’ one stand out even more – are best left in neutral colours, such as white, grey or beige;

Children's bedroom with mountain-themed wall decoration in shades of yellow, grey, white and green. There is a white shelf with toys, objects and moulds all in black and white. The floor is parquet, with a white carpet with black stars. There is a basket full of puppets and there are several toys on the floor, including a wooden and rope robot and a wooden tricycle

Children's bedroom with mountain-themed wall decoration in shades of pink, white and pastel blue. There is a wooden bed with a cottage-style headboard. Above the bed several blankets and pillows

Bedroom with a large wall decorated with a mountain theme in shades of blue, grey and white. The bed is light blue and above the headboard there is an abat-jour, a wooden letter W and a toy monkey. On either side of the bed is a wicker basket full of toys and a plant in a yellow pot. To the right of the plant a clothes rack with clothes hanging from it. On the left wall shelves full of picture books and other books on the floor, next to a globe

Wall decorated with a mountain theme in shades of pink and green. In front is a low white cabinet with wooden toys and wicker baskets on it. Next to the cabinet is a large giraffe puppet on one side and a wicker basket with a whale-shaped puppet inside on the other;

Children's bedroom with mountain-themed wall decoration in shades of blue, white, grey and green, with a bed with a purple blanket, a grey circular carpet, a wooden bedside table with a puppet and a bedside lamp, a small wooden table with two small chairs, a white cupboard and a mini rocking horse on the floor. Two light bulbs descend from above;

A little girl's bedroom with mountain-themed walls decorated in shades of white and grey. There is a bed with pink bedding and a cat-shaped pillow, a grey carpet with bell game fencing on it, a white chest of drawers, a white shelf, shelves with toys and Lego constructions on the floor;

Corner of a children's room with a wall decorated with a mountain theme in shades of white and grey. In the corner are cushions and real tree branches. A white rope hangs from the ceiling with a white-painted tyre-tree hanging from it;

A boys' bedroom with a mountain-themed wall decoration in shades of light blue and blue. There is a large wooden desk with a computer on it, a work lamp, books and a toy rocket. The chair is modern. To the right is a bed inside a natural wood and white painted wood frame that also serves as a shelf;

Children’s rooms with walls decorated with rainbows

Room with a pink wall decorated with a large coloured rainbow. There is a bed with pink linen, a small table with small chairs, and hexagonal shelves coloured in yellow, pink and green;

Besides mountains, another popular theme is rainbows, which can also be achieved with stencils or paint. This can be done on walls of any colour and, depending on the age of the person living in the room and the style of the room, choose from different types of rainbow. Beautiful ones can be made even without going to the trouble of the famous 7 colours and pointing instead to a few well-chosen, ultra-modern-style hues, or ethnic.

Children's bedroom all in shades of white, with a wall decorated with a rainbow that passes over a bed with a wooden curtain frame. In front of the bed are two floor shelves and in one is a football;

Boho-chic style bedroom set with a white wall decorated with a sort of rainbow in ethnic colours and lines. There is also a wicker basket, a woven coffee table and a rocking chair with a circular fabric seat and wooden frame. The floor is a carpet or rug. Above part of the rainbow is a shelf with frames with letters inside forming the word 'HOME';

Children's bedroom in shades of pink with a decorative rainbow on the wall, painted with signs that look like ethnic art. There is a white cot with side rails, a white stool with a backrest, shelves in the shape of a tepee and a grey armchair, as well as a door;

Bedroom with wardrobe-bed system with special white and natural wood doors with broken lines. The bed enters a kind of gallery with a cottage roof and the wall behind the bed is decorated with the design of a cloud with a rainbow

Children's room with a white bed with curtain structure, green walls decorated with stencils, including a large rainbow. There is a blackboard with 'Hello' written on it, as well as a shelf and a screen both green like the wall;

Children’s rooms with walls decorated with polka dots or similar

Children's room with a white wall decorated with metallic polka dot stickers. The room is Scandinavian in style, with wooden furniture (small chairs, ladder bookcase), a pastel pink chandelier, a print with a rabbit design, a white minimal metal table, a metal basket with cardboard rolls and paper baskets containing toys

Stencil or sticker decorations can also be more minimal. So here are polka dots, stars, drops, hearts, etc. They can be applied to both white and coloured walls, trying to stay within the colour palette you have chosen. A nice idea is to use stickers or metallic paints. In this case you can match furniture and elements thanks to Rio Verde’s Golden Prestige paints.

They are water-based products and can be applied to wood, glass, metal, plastic, walls and textiles. On wood, sanding is not even necessary. Moreover, they do not contain any substances harmful to health, so they are safe to use in children’s rooms;

Blonde girl plays in her bedroom, furnished with recycled wooden fruit boxes, some painted white, and wooden storage boxes. There is a blackboard with hearts drawn on it. The wall is white with gold metal star stickers and prints hanging on it;

White walls of a children's room decorated with grey polka dot stickers of different sizes. There is also a white cot without a side rail, a ladder bookcase and prints with stylised animals

The wall of the children's room, painted white and decorated with drop-shaped stickers in the colours grey, mint and teal, colours also recalled by other furnishing elements with a small table and the chandeliers

A baby's room with a white cot, white walls decorated with pastel-coloured polka dots and shelves in the shape of small houses and rectangles with pastel-coloured backgrounds containing toys. Next to the cot is a grey floor lamp and a window with white Venetian blinds can be glimpsed;

Little girl's bedroom with white walls decorated with purple polka dots, a colour that echoes the cushion on the bed and some other elements in the otherwise totally white room, with a desk, chair, metal shelf, magazine rack, bed and wall clock. The floor is parquet


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