Una stanza vuota con pareti color turchese, porta in legno giallo acceso e poltrona dello stesso colore

Coloured interior doors are trendy

They are not only functional elements, but also true furnishing complements that can help define the style of a room: the importance of the style, colour and finish of interior doors is often underestimated compared to other interior design elements. There are many options available, but in recent years coloured interior doors are gaining in importance. These are sometimes bold choices, but they can ‘solve’ a room, or give a finishing touch to the whole ensemble.

Come si sceglie il colore delle porte interne?

Room with side glass wall, armchair, side tables and plants. The wall is light-coloured and there is a cream-coloured door

As in all complex outfits – and interior design is one of them – there is no single answer or fixed rules. However, it can be based on certain aspects in particular, such as the style of the furniture, the colour of the walls, the brightness of the room and what you want to achieve. So here are a few tips.

  • With a modern style, the great classics are neutral colours, i.e. shades of white, greys and beiges.
  • For those who prefer a classic style: natural wood in walnut, oak or cherry.
  • For a rustic style, obviously solid wood, with a natural finish. But doors painted in soft colours such as sage green or creamy white are also fine.
  • With white walls, you can match almost anything.
  • If the walls are coloured, a threefold choice is open: contrasting white; same colour as the walls (thus making the doors less visible: this will make the room appear larger); contrasting or complementary colour to that of the walls.
  • In the case of dimly lit rooms, it is better not to further burden the room with dark colours, preferring light colours or white.
  • If, on the other hand, the room is large and bright, you can be daring with colour, going for bright ones, or go for darker shades.
  • To enlarge the space, as mentioned above, the doors will be the same colour as the walls. But watch out for the box effect!
  • By opting for a contrasting colour, on the other hand, the door will become a focal point of the room.

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How to match doors to the floor?

Spacious room in modern style with some wooden walls, parquet flooring, minimal furniture, stairs leading to another level and wooden door

Another fundamental aspect to be taken into account is the floor. Here, more or less the same suggestions as for the walls apply: white is always good, as is the same colour (and essence, in the case of parquet) as the floor itself. Again, in order to avoid the box effect, it is better not to exaggerate with monochrome: apart from total white – which has its charm but quickly becomes cloying – it is better to refrain from adopting the same colour for walls, floor and doors. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

The trendiest coloured interior doors

A corridor of a house, with several doors facing it and a bright yellow door at the end. The walls are light-coloured, except for one in brick

Colour trends in doors more or less follow the most fashionable palettes in interior design.

  • Neutral colours: white, grey and beige remain the most popular colours because of their versatility and ability to adapt to any furnishing style.
  • Pastel shades, especially powdery pinks, sage greens and dusty blues are suitable for eclectic, rustic, shabby chic, Mediterranean or Provençal style interiors.
  • Dark colours, on the other hand, lend themselves to bolder and more sophisticated interiors. Hues include navy blue, forest green or black.
  • Earthy and “spicy” tones: terracotta, brick red, burnt orange, rust, ochre, mustard yellow or saffron. They go well with ethnic styles as well as more contemporary styles such as maximalist, colour block and the aforementioned eclectic.
  • Warm natural wood tones: light ones go well with everything; darker ones are better suited to more classic and elegant settings.

As for materials and finishes: wooden doors have always been the most popular choice, but you can always opt for glass and metal. Matt doors are generally more elegant and refined, while glossy doors are easier to clean. However, it is the rest of the decor that will suggest the right choice. The aim is to find a balance between colours, lines and textures.

Renovating your interior doors with Rio Verde products

Lounge with grey armchairs and coffee table, next to a large grey vase with metal details, grey walls and a glass door of the same colour, leading into the rest of the house, where the walls are also grey

During a renovation, or simply to give a new face to the house, you can work on existing doors, giving them a completely new look. With Rio Verde Vintage Prestige range of enamels, sanding may not even be necessary, as they are textured-effect paints with high hiding power.

The colour palette is quite broad, and these are odourless products that can be used safely indoors. In a short time and with little effort, you can give the doors of your home a complete makeover: here we explain how.


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